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No doubt, the economy of the United Arab Emirates has been increased dramatically in size over the period of last decade as money from overseas countries continues to pour into the state. Regardless of the chaos that surrounded the property market of Dubai, which witnessed a number of collapses in businesses while many experts believe that investors will return in due course. The whole area of United Arab Emirate is dominated by the economies of Abu Dhabi and Dubai with over eighty per cent of economic activities centred on these particular regions. Business Visas In order to operate any business in this county there are various hurdles needed to be cleared and out of many, one is the subject of business visas. It is a fact that the economy of this region has fallen back, because of the worldwide economic downturn, but the authorities of this region are still very keen to attract overseas businesses. As significance, authorities are readily providing business visas to those who are able to invest significant amount of money in their region or to those who have substantial stake in any existing businesses. The truth about every economy around the world is that where there is a demand there will be some give and take between the authorities and relevant third parties. The law of employment and the United Arab Emirates are still at an early stage with number of companies commenting upon the lack of protection for their employees. There have been some developments in these fields but ultimately it will take some time to filter through and at the moment there is no doubt that employees have significantly less protection than those employed in the Western parts of the world. The recent economic collapse saw a massive increase in the number of top companies in Dubai going underneath whereas many employees were literally left helpless payable significant amount of money. Policies of the Government towards Businesses During the last decade we have成立公司註冊 Company seen various changes with regards to the attitude and the policies implemented by the authorities of United Arab Emirates. The region is well renowned as one of the most forward thinking and positive attitude in the area where some are reluctant to embrace Western cultures and businesses, while the authorities are very much in favour of overseas investment.