Company Formation,

should include this particular information:

There are a number of documents that will be needed. One of the initial records required is the Memorandum of Association. These are the official documents that will go into detail to describe the company's order and how it is to be run. The second record that is component of the Memorandum of Association will detail all the factors about the business. It has to be signed by subscribers and should include this particular information: * The official name of companies and the final word in its name has to be "Ltd" or "limited." * The address of the Registered Office which must be situated in England, Scotland or Wales. This indicates that it should be run according to British law and also pay British taxes. * Details on how the business is incorporated * Liability statement * How the capital will be divided up and shared * Names of all the subscribers Another document that is required for business formation is the Articles of Association. This document is what governs the activities of the company transactions. This will also act as a contract in between the members and companies.